MIMI Junior High School is a Junior High School with “A” Category National Plus. “Plus” means that the curriculum in this Junior High School is from Singapore. When I took three tests at MIMI at that time, the first expression came  from my mouth was “WOW”.  This school is great,  I believe it for sure that MIMI is an extraordinary school. But my experience this time is SPLENDID.

MIMI Junior High School has great students. They are able to do something that complicated and sophisticated. They can do PRESENTATION and Scientific things. They are just ….Ohh I can’t tell anymore. Who are they ? You can tell they are Febri, Wongkar, David Asali, Evan, Michael C.T (The Joker), Jovita, Wenny, Ratna, Marleen, Valen, Jessica, Natasya, Renita, febriawanfi and Many more. (I can’t mention one by one, sorry…)

I have teacher friends too. You may call him Mr. Bambang, Mam Lia, Mr. Tony, Mam Rini, Mr. Micahel and the last Mr. Jack.